Centerless Grinding and Polishing

Our Centerless Grinding and Polishing services provide tightly toleranced metal products with low and consistent RMS finishes that makes us one of the best in the metal fabrication industry today.

  • Polished tubes
  • Grinding and polishing

Centerless Metal Grinding and Polishing Services

Summit Steel & Manufacturing can provide high quality polished ground bar and tubular products for your metal fabrication needs. We have been a leading supplier of Centerless Grinding and Polishing services for the past twenty years.  

The Centerless Grinding & Polishing center is a five headed abrasive belt grinding and polishing system. We can grind steel tubes and bars in OD’s from .50’’ to 3’’ in diameter, with RMS finishes of 10 or less. We give both cold and hot rolled steel products a mirror finish.  When your product is polished, it will be ready for any type of plating or coating.  

Our other in house services that complement grinding are saw cutting, machining and other fabrications that add lots of value for products like hydraulic shafting and decorative chrome applications. With our multiple operations under one roof, we can lower your cost and add value for your metal fabrication project.

Materials Ground and Polished

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel