Powder Coating

Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s in-house Powder Coating service is the perfect finishing touch to any metal fabrication project.

  • Facility from above

Summit Steel & Manufacturing operates a fully automated dual booth powder coating line, providing a high degree of versatility. This process consists of over 1,600 feet of product hanging, loading and unloading space. The dual automated powder application booths are enclosed, minimizing the risk of contamination to products and finishes.

Summit Steel’s five stage iron phosphate wash system provides a clean product and an additional layer of protection under the powder coating.  

Summit Steel & Manufacturing is committed to protecting the environment as well. The facility operates on a closed loop waste collection system. The waste that we do collect is put in a reverse osmosis treatment process where it is cleaned and reused.

For smaller runs or larger products, the batch powder coating process offers a cost effective alternative to a work line. We can efficiently and precisely powder coat large parts, assemblies and structural frames that do not fit through the traditional powder coating line.  No fabrication or welding project is too big or small.



  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel