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How CNC Machining Benefits Your Business and Bottom Line

By on January 31, 2018

CNC Machining Applications & Benefits CNC machining is a tried and trusted method of metal fabrication used for countless projects every day. Nearly anything that requires engineering or planned design most likely involves CNC machining in some way. All kinds of industries and businesses need quantities of large and small metal and plastic components that may become part of anything from automobiles to zoos. If you’re reading this on a computer or handheld device, it probably contains something created by CNC machining. If you drive a car or have machines in the garage, they are likely to have components produced...
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CNC Machining vs. 3D Printing

By on January 12, 2017

3D printing has become the new fad among professionals and hobbyists alike, with new applications and possibilities arising in the science world each passing season. Printing a model as you would print a document is a fascinating prospect for many people both in and out of the manufacturing world. For specialists within the manufacturing industry, this widespread interest in 3D printing helps draw attention to current manufacturing practices, getting more people interested in the manufacturing industry and the possibilities still on the horizon. However, what exactly does 3D printing have to offer to the manufacturing world? 3D Printing, CNC and...
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What is Metal Fabrication?

By on July 27, 2016

Metal fabrication is a critical part of the manufacturing process. From paperclips to plane parts, it’s used to create a wide variety of products. Metal fabrication is an essential step in creating everything from hardware and tools to car parts and pipes. Fabricated metal products accounted for $345.1 billion of shipments in 2013 alone! Although fabricated metal products are common, few people understand how the metal fabrication process works. Most people think of welding when they hear metal fabrication. But welding is just one process that metal fabricators use. So what exactly is metal fabrication? Metal fabrication is a manufacturing...
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Hiring CNC Machinist & Tig Welders

By on January 11, 2014

If your looking for a career with a great company, look no further then Summit Steel and Manufacturing. We offer competitive wages, benefits and a great work atmosphere. We are currently seeking CNC Machine operators for our 3rd shift, experienced in reading and working from blue prints, with setup and programming knowledge in ‘G’ & ‘M’ code. We are also seeking experienced Tig Welders for a production based welding environment. We have Welding positions available for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts.  Applicants for both positions must be capable of performing inspections using micrometers, calipers, gauges and other measurement devices....
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Supplier Diversity

By on November 4, 2013

If you have a diverse supply base in traditional terms, you have a pool of suppliers manufacturing different things for you. The different pieces that make up the end product to your company all come together at some point in time. Think of the work, time, and money involved in making this happen; using five suppliers and the associated risk involved to insure everything comes together perfectly. An example of this process is below. I ask that you think of all of the work your company performs and cost incurred when doing business this way? You outsource the following pieces...
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