Contract Manufacturer Advantages | Summit Steel

Benefits of Working With a Contract Manufacturer

By on May 25, 2018

As the world of manufacturing grows more complex, and keeping up with tight production deadlines becomes more challenging than ever, many companies are exploring the advantages of outsourcing manufacturing processes. Known as contract manufacturing, this business practice entails the hiring of qualified third parties to perform functions that the manufacturer may not have the time, space, equipment or expertise to handle in-house. In this post, we will explore the numerous benefits of contract manufacturing to help you determine whether outsourcing makes sense for your business. Advantages of Contract Manufacturing Some advantages of contract manufacturing include: Reducing costs: One of the...
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Blanchard vs. Precision Grinding | Summit Steel

Blanchard Grinding vs. Precision Grinding

By on May 14, 2018

Grinding is a finishing process that uses abrasive action to hone metal parts and components to the required dimensions as well as improve overall surface quality. Grinding shapes the surface by removing excess amounts of metal per project specifications. While numerous grinding techniques are deployed in manufacturing and metal finishing applications, two of the most common processes are Blanchard grinding and precision grinding. What Is Blanchard Grinding? Developed by the Blanchard Machine Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts in the early 1900s, Blanchard grinding offers a fast, cost-effective solution for removing large amounts of material over an expansive surface area. Also known...
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Top Welding Schools in PA | Summit Steel

Top Welding Schools in PA

By on May 4, 2018

If you’re a detail-oriented individual with a strong mechanical aptitude and would enjoy working in a manufacturing or construction environment, then becoming a welder could be an ideal career choice. Welders use handheld or remotely controlled equipment to join metal components together. You can also earn a solid living as a welder. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for welders as of 2016 was nearly $40,000, while the top 10 percent earned more than $60,000 per year. However, welding demands a unique skill set that requires specialized training. In addition to earning your high...
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Introducing Summit Steel’s New 6kW Fiber Laser

By on April 26, 2018

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, finding ways to get products to market as quickly as possible is paramount. Many companies are turning to fiber laser applications to provide better service to their customers and gain a competitive edge. Summit Steel is proud to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 6kW 3015 Fiber Laser from Bystronic, Inc. that enables us to cut various types of materials faster than ever. 6kW Fiber Laser Capabilities The Bystronic fiber laser delivers increased power and higher cutting precision than a 4kW fiber laser — for example, it can cut 1/8-inch stainless steel sheet metal up...
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Innovative Energy Sources and Technologies

By on December 6, 2016

Renewable energy and technology are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in today’s society. In recent years, huge advances in alternative energy technology have brought us solar-powered houses, wind-powered businesses and everything in-between. It’s an exciting time for the alternative energy industry, with even more innovations just around the next technological corner. During these times of expansion, however, it can be worthwhile to take stock of the industry, where it’s been and where it’s going. To that end, let us guide you through the history of renewable energy, where it is now and some exciting new technologies we may be seeing...
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Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction at Summit Steel and Mfg.

By on April 16, 2014

Customer Service is a key factor to the success or failures related to any business. This important function has a substantial influence that insures your products are on time, meet all quality requirements, in a friendly and supportive manner.  A great example of superior customer service is at the foundation of what Summit Steel and Manufacturing provides customers every day. Striving to make your business decision in whom you purchase from, easy and one that you will appreciate related to the time and money that you invested with your supply base.  Our infrastructure allows an assigned customer service/planner, to personally monitor your orders. Communications is very important...
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Success at MODEX 2014

By on March 31, 2014

Our choice to display at MODEX 2014 for Summit Steel and Manufacturing and Summit Storage Solutions was a good call. We entered this show with the intent of seeing how people responded to ourcompany and solutions we can provide as a manufacturing and designer of Vertical Carousel Systems. We believe our expectations where exceeded and many of those that took the time to stop at see us at the show where impressed with our product and company overall.We displayed our newly designed Vertical Carousel System that will be in manufacturing and ready for customers this summer. We would like to...
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Supplier Diversity

By on November 4, 2013

If you have a diverse supply base in traditional terms, you have a pool of suppliers manufacturing different things for you. The different pieces that make up the end product to your company all come together at some point in time. Think of the work, time, and money involved in making this happen; using five suppliers and the associated risk involved to insure everything comes together perfectly. An example of this process is below. I ask that you think of all of the work your company performs and cost incurred when doing business this way? You outsource the following pieces...
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