3D Laser Cutting

Summit Steel’s 6-axis 3d laser can streamline your assembly process and decrease your lead time with precise, complex cuts.

  • 3D (Tube) Laser
  • 3D Tube Cutting

3D and Tube Laser Cutting Services

Summit Steel & Manufacturing's 3D laser cutting services provide unlimited potential for metal fabrication. With precision and speed, our 3D lasers can cut a wide variety of features in tubes, channels, angles and beams. You benefit from the combination of the latest laser tube cutting machines, technology and skilled craftsmanship for a streamlined process that lowers costs, speeds up cycle times and expands design capabilities.

As a leading provider of tube laser cutting services in Pennsylvania and throughout the East Coast, we’re able to handle your complete range of needs. Whether you’re developing a prototype or require high-volume production, our experienced team will work with you to provide the most cost-effective and efficient 3D laser cutting services. We’ve successfully produced precision-cut parts, components, weldments and assemblies for industries such as automotive, agriculture, energy, heavy equipment, hardware, fabrication and many others.

Why Choose 3D Laser Technology?

3D laser technology offers several advantages over punch presses, drilling and milling. Because they only contact the material with a precise laser beam, they offer less material distortion and cleaner finishes for many applications. Additionally, unlike some punch press or milling jobs, our 3D lasers will never slow down your project or increase your costs by requiring special hard tooling.


  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Our Unique Capabilities

When your business relies on having a quality source of 3D and laser tube cutting, it pays to work with a full-service provider. Our 3D laser has 6-axis cutting with a simultaneously controlled chuck rotation. This means that it can process complex features, end cuts, corner cuts and/or tab and slot cuts in the same operation. This eliminates costly tooling and fixturing usually required in the process of manufacturing your products.

Our 3D tube lasers’ capabilities range from .750’’ OD to 6’’ OD,  thickness range of 0.65’’ to .500’’, and can handle lengths up to 26 feet. We’re able to work with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel to produce tube shapes including round, square, rectangular and oval. We are able to cut according to the specifications in your IGES file format, and our technology is capable of holding exceptionally tight tolerances.

Why Summit Steel?

We’ll support your needs from design to completion offering expert level support to ensure the correct hole diameters and tolerances are properly calculated. Additional benefits and advantages of choosing Summit for parts manufacturing and tube laser cutting services include:

  • Climate-controlled machine shops offering the optimal environment for precision 3D tube laser cutting
  • Wireless connectivity to computerized system to upload files and specifications with greater efficiency
  • Broad range of secondary services including coping, beading, machining, milling, slotting, threading and more
  • Ability to work with a variety of drawing file formats including SolidWorks, Adobe, Illustrator and many others

Summit Steel is proudly ISO 9001-2008 certified and makes use of FaroArm and other CMM inspection technology in its quality assurance process.

We strive to help your business conserve its resources while increasing its capabilities by serving as a single source for all of your manufacturing and CNC needs. We’re able to provide end-to-end production of all of the parts and components of a single product while eliminating the need for many secondary operations. Our promise is to meet or exceed your expectations by delivering projects on time, within budget and to your exact specifications.


Summit Steel & Manufacturing is not just a  — we’re an extension of your success. Since 1992, we’ve been offering engineers and manufacturers throughout the region and across the nation with the widest range of innovative fabrication, welding and tube laser-cutting capabilities in the industry.

If you’re interested in decreasing scrap, streamlining your manufacturing process, and creating shorter lead times for your next fabrication project, contact us today to find out how Summit Steel’s 3D laser cutting services can help. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a competitive quote.