Summit Steel & Manufacturing's welding services utilize robust manual and robotic welding capabilities, providing customers with options that match their requirements.  


As a leader among AWS-certified welding companies, Summit Steel & Manufacturing offers customers options in manual welding processes. Our broad experience and capabilities can help your business obtain the quality welding services you require while reducing lead times and production expenses. From producing a single prototype to delivering a high-volume order, our expert team will work with you to identify and execute precision welding services that efficiently meet your needs.

Summit Steel approaches every project with a sense of urgency and attention to detail. We’re capable of providing both MIG and TIG welding services along with a host of other secondary services including 2D-flat and 3D laser cutting, CNC machining and powder coating. As a single-source production welding service, we save you time and money by being able to assist in every stage of your project from design and engineering through finishing, packaging and shipping.

From steel-welding to aluminum-welding services, we have the experience and equipment to do the job right. Put your project in our hands and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing it will undergo a reliable, high-quality process at every stage.

Production Welding Services

Summit Steel & Manufacturing offers customers options for both robotic and manual welding with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries including consumer products, construction and agriculture.

Each method has a very different set of requirements and advantages that can save both time and money when used appropriately. We have years of experience with both processes, and a team of highly trained specialists that can guide you towards the method that will work best for your project based on budget, time constraints, intended use and required precision.

 Benefits of choosing Summit production-welding services include:

  • Work performed by AWS-certified welders capable of meeting the highest quality standards
  • Eco-friendly production and business practices to promote a more sustainable environment
  • Climate-controlled work machine shops for optimal precision and consistent results
  • Modern technology for quick and easy uploading of digital files and designs

MIG and TIG Welding Services

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding differs from Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding in that it combines metal pieces together with the energy produced when a consumable wire is connected to an electrode current. TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten element combined with an inert gas. While TIG welding services are generally thought of as cleaner, more precise and efficient since it typically does not require a filling agent, MIG welding offers an exceptionally fast, easy and economical process. TIG welding is especially effective for welding thinner sheets and more delicate materials.

When choosing between MIG and TIG manual welding services, it’s equally important to understand the constraints each represents. The downside of MIG welding services is that it’s somewhat less reliable than TIG and can produce more smoke and dangerous fumes. Negatives of TIG to consider include the lengthy set-up times, greater costs and reliance on more complex equipment and procedures.

Advantages of Manual Welding

In this technologically advanced era, a common assumption is that automated is always the best solution in manufacturing and fabrication. While robotic welding is often faster, more cost effective and more precise than manual welding, there are times when projects will benefit from a manual welding process.

Robotic welding requires a higher initial cost than manual welding, due to the need to create product fixtures, programming and initial set up for the specific process. This means that implementing a robotic welding project has a longer lead-time before it can achieve full-scale production. This makes manual welding ideal for projects with short timelines, small runs and tight budgets.

Another benefit of manual welding services is that if you need any changes made in your welding project, we can make them immediately. Whether we notice an issue with the current process or your needs suddenly change, we won’t need to reprogram any machines or dedicate new ones to the task. We can simply tell our ISO- and AWS-certified expert welders about the change for immediate implementation.

Other companies that offer professional welding services tend to rely too heavily on their machines. If one goes down, everything, including your project, could grind to a halt. We have a full team of professionals who can perform welding services at a high level. If someone can't work on any given day, plenty of others can jump in and take their place.

Manual Welding Applications

Our MIG and TIG welding services allow us to serve a wide range of applications, because we can join almost any types of metal to create the parts you need, including steel, aluminum, thick pieces and thin pieces.

Industries that benefit from our custom welding services include the automotive industry for assembling lightweight, durable car parts and alternative energy companies that may use a variety of metals and thicknesses to produce alternative-power-generating devices. Others include healthcare companies, hospitality companies, construction, appliance manufacturing and many more. Any company that needs joined-metal fabricated parts can contact Summit Steel for industrial welding services.

Certified Welders at Summit Steel

Summit Steel employs certified welders who have years of experience in precision welding and fabrication with a wide variety of materials and processes.

Our welders have earned several certifications from the American Welding Society, an organization dedicated to advancing the welding industry, for different materials and welding processes.

These certifications ensure that our welders perform with an exceptional level of quality, by employing rigorous testing and regular reinforcement.

Our welding certifications from the American Welding Society include:

  • AWS D1.1 - “Structural Welding Code - Steel”
  • AWS D1.2 - “Structural Welding Code - Aluminum”
  • AWS D1.4 - “Structural Welding Code - Reinforcing Steel”
  • AWS D1.5 - “Bridge Welding Code” – State DOT’s
  • AWS D1.6 - “Structural Welding Code - Stainless Steel”
  • AWS D14.3 - “Specification for Welding Earthmoving, Construction, and Agricultural Equipment”

In addition to these specialized welding certifications, Summit Steel is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, ensuring that our products not only meet our customer's requirements but also exceed them. We provide continuing education and training programs in welding theory, workplace safety, technical drawing and design interpretation, and we are always updating and informing our staff on industry best practices.

Where Can You Find Welding Services Near You?

If you have been asking where you can find steel- and aluminum-welding services in Pennsylvania or throughout the east coast, Summit Steel is the company for you.

For over two decades, Summit has been providing the highest-level fabrication and manual welding services for engineers and manufacturers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. If you have a project that requires precision TIG welding or MIG welding services, contact us today. We’re ready to talk to you now about how our manual welding and other metal-fabrication capabilities will serve the needs of your company. Our knowledgeable team is standing by to talk about your specific project and provide a free, competitive quote. Just fill out our simple contact form now and we’ll get in touch with you right away to get started.

Materials Welded

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel