Medical Device and Medical Equipment

Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s Swiss Machining Department serves the medical device industry with state of the art precision manufacturing.  

Summit Steel & Manufacturing’s Swiss Machining department is able to serve the medical device industry with high precision and tight tolerance capabilities. Summit Steel & Manufacturing has both the equipment and the capacity to produce important medical devices and equipment, such as bone screws, stents and medical and dental implants.  

Metal Fabrication for the Medical Industry 

Understanding the importance of precision and accuracy in the healthcare profession, we emphasize quality in every medical device metal fabrication service we provide. We can produce custom medical devices and equipment that will exceed your quality, performance and durability expectations. We adhere to the strict medical industry standards for every fabrication project, whether we’re creating one prototype or executing a mass production run consisting of thousands of devices.

Our extensive medical industry medical fabrication services include revolutionary Swiss style CNC machining that’s perfect for producing the small, intricate devices that healthcare professionals depend on for various surgical and treatment procedures. Swiss machining can perform drilling, turning, boring and milling jobs with speed and efficiency, regardless of design complexity or project size. Swiss CNC machine tooling can achieve a tolerance of .0002” with all materials commonly used in medical device industry fabrication including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and even plastics.

We’re also experts at laser cutting for medical device manufacturing applications. Our CNC 2D flat laser cutting services produce clean, burr-free edges and consistently repeatable results for all types of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel devices. Our 3D laser cutting process provides clean finishes with less metal distortion than milling, drilling or press punching.

Medical Device & Equipment Metal Fabrication Applications 

Summit Steel can tailor metal fabrication for the medical industry to your unique manufacturing applications. Our experienced in-house engineering team can work with you to develop critical devices and equipment such as implantable pacemakers and electronic equipment used for measuring and monitoring. We can also create biodegradable medical implants such as artificial knee and hip joints that comply with the stringent FDA guidelines, and diagnostic devices that healthcare professionals rely on for accurate screening, testing and assessment procedures.

You can also count on Summit Steel to keep up with the latest trends in medical equipment manufacturing. For instance, we can adapt our laser cutting capabilities to accommodate the use of plastic materials such as polymers and composites, which have become preferred alternatives to metal in medical device applications such as stent manufacturing. The shift to miniaturization calls for thinner, lighter smaller devices, and we can also effectively manage the various quality and performance issues that occur when producing tiny parts and components.

Make Summit Steel Your Medical Industry Metal Fabrication Provider  

At Summit Steel, our advanced medical equipment industry fabrication capabilities result from our 25 years of experience. As an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, we never take shortcuts regarding quality. Every member of our team makes quality, customer service and on-time delivery a high priority so you can meet your manufacturing goals and keep your production schedules on track. We’re also an eco-friendly metal fabrication company that adheres to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Contact Summit Steel to learn more about our premium services for metal fabrication for the medical industry. We’ll also be happy to provide a free project estimate.