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"Little Things don't mean a lot. They mean everything." - Gary Romig, President

Summit Steel Quality Policy

All products are services provided by Summit Steel & Manufacturing, Inc. shall conform to the requirements specified by our customers. We shall meet our customer's expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and service.

ISO-Certified Metal Fabrication Company

Summit Steel is proud to be an ISO-9001-certified company. You can view our ISO 9001 certification below. But what does it mean to be an ISO-certified metal-fabrication company, and how does working with an ISO-compliant contract manufacturing company benefit you?

The fact that we are an ISO-9001-certified contract manufacturing company means that we have met the ISO standards when it comes to quality management for our metal-working processes. Another company may claim to be an ISO-compliant company, but unless it is ISO-9001-certified, you cannot be sure that it has met all of the ISO standards for quality assurance.

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ISO 9001:2015 certification is only one of the many ways that Summit Steel brings value to your company as a metal fabricator, whether you require metal-fabricated parts for the automotive industry, construction, home-appliance manufacturing, consumer-electronics production or any other field.

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  • July 2013 – Construction Industry Customer It is the people at Summit Steel that set them apart from their competition.  It is hard to find a company as diverse as Summit Steel with the production capabilities they have and the willingness to add product lines to meet the needs of our organization, but it is the excellent customer service and business relationships that we have developed that keep us coming back.

    -Patrick, Purchasing/Project Manager

  • July 2013 - OEM Customer Summit Steel & Mfg. has been a valuable supplier and business partner for 20 years. Their many capabilities have helped our company land major business in the heavy truck and agricultural business. Summit has had reliable customer service, on time delivery and nearly perfect quality consistently measuring well over 98%. Their performance is critical for our JIT systems throughout all of our facilities.

    -Scott, Senior Buyer


  • Certified by Quality Systems Registrars, Inc., Summit Steel & Manufacturing is very proud to be an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. We take great pride in exceeding our customers' expectations of quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional service.

    View our ISO 9001:2015 Certification  

If you have a specific certification / quality requirement please contact us with details.
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